Monday, November 14, 2011

MW3 Campaign on Veteran



I started the MW3 Campaign on Veteran difficulty yesterday. I always run through it on Regular first, just to check it out, and then try to die my way through the Veteran difficulty. Yes, die. Because I'm usually very good at dying.

But it's kind of fun playing through Veteran now, because I realize that I've become so much better! MW2 was my first FPS game ever, so that one on Veteran... Well, I did die my way through it. So much cursing, so much time being pissed off. Good times.

And now, as I'm currently working my way through MW3's Campaign on Veteran, I'm not dying my way through it. Instead of reaching a checkpoint, die five times, reach the next checkpoint, die another five times, and so on... I'm actually playing the game, not just dying.

Lol, this was so random. But it's fun. I started playing Xbox 360 two years ago, and I haven't been playing FPS for two years yet, but yet I can feel that I've become better. Hell, I can even kick my fiance's a** in Call of Duty now, and he's been playing these games for 10 years or so.

There are moments where I still die my way through the game, though. When I'm stationary. When I had to get on the f***ing mortar and hit the targets on the ground. When I had to be the gunner on the tank. And now, as I'm sitting in the back of a blue van, being chased by foot patrols, driving vehicles and hinds. I'm not able to move at all, except from shooting and reloading my weapon. And I die. And die. And die. And die.

It's frustrating!
But I'm not giving up.
Might have to take a break now, though...


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