Monday, January 23, 2012


I tried to tint the visor on my Hasbro bucket today.

Good news is that the plastic tint works wonders. It makes the visor way darker - almost black - and as long as it's light outside it reflects the view from the outside. I tried taking some pictures and it looked really cool.

Bad news is that it's f***ing difficult to get it on right. The way it is now, the plastic is all messed up on parts of the visor. I thought it looked kind of nice, though. It made the visor look sort of cracked and damaged. But then again, it's supposed to be a Mandalorian. No way they would let their visor remain damaged, right? So yeah, I guess I'll give it another go.

I tried with one piece of plastic first. Didn't work at all. So I have two pieces now; one across the entire "eye-part" and one down the "nose-part". (Yeah, I'm really good with words.) Next time I'll use three pieces. One for each side on the "eye-part". I think it will be easier to straighten out.


Yeah, see what I mean about that f***ed up part?
But on the other hand, that reflection effect is kind of cool, right!?

Oh well. At least I've tried. And now I know what does not work. Time to try something else.

And still no word about my money... It's driving me insane. I want to get on with this costume! I want to at least get started on the bucket. But nooo, the system has to be as slow as ever... *insert rage noise here*

x o x o

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm alive!

Yes, I am.

I suddenly realised that I haven't been blogging here since before Christmas. Sorry about that. But then again, not too much has happened either. Christmas, of course. And New Year's. And I've gotten a couple of new games and movies and sh*t. Well, not sh*t. Halo: CE Anniversary is not sh*t. Far from it. I love it. I love Master Chief.

This year will (hopefully) be a good year for costuming. I've decided to finish my custom Mando before Halloween. Only problem, for now, is that I don't know when I will receive money. Since I'm unemployed and go to the psychiatrist and group therapy sessions for my social anxiety, I must get money elsewhere. I've sent the papers. But I might not get a reply for another 6-7 weeks. And that's a looong time without money! Especially because I don't know if I'll get the money or not either. Sh*t, if I do not get the money, someone needs to die.

When I do get the money, however, I have some ideas where some of it is going:
- Gauntlets and girth belt for my Mando
- Master Chief helmet (just because I'm a total geek and I need it)
- Paints and bondo for my Mando helmet and blaster
- Cardboard, masking tape, bondo and paints for my Mando armour (I've figured out a way to make the parts I need)

And I have someone who's making me toe spikes, knee armour and shoulder bells for free!

I so hope I get money soon...
I want to start working on my Mando.
For real.

x o x o