Friday, December 9, 2011

2 new piercings, 1 new game

And I hereby promise that the rest of my money will be spent on Christmas gifts to others, not myself. I swear!

My two new piercings are the two on the top of my ear, btw. I've been wanting to do it for years, but never gotten around to do it. Now I did. Yay, me!
(Please ignore the rest of me. I just got inside from the wet and cold outdoors, and I didn't bother with fixing up for one lousy photo of my new piercings. So yeah... Look at the piercings! Ignore the rest.)

New game; Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Been wanting it ever since it got out, but once again... I never got around to buy it. Last Christmas gift for myself, I swear! Now I'll just wish for Halo: CE Anniversary and The Old Republic for Christmas.
Oh, boyfriend ~ <3

And that was today's update.
Now I'll be eating some food and watching a couple more episode of Prison Break.
I love that show. Pure genius.

Signing out!

x o x o

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